KoreLogic's Password Cracking Contest at DEF CON

Contest Downloads

Here are the data files for Street and Pro categories. There may be additional files released over the course of the contest.

Pro team downloads:

cmiyc-2023_01_pro.yaml.pgp SHA256SUM: 528db91917590fc61427ba37ba84236a92626fce712f6539106695dcb6d971f5 Passphrase for Pro downloads: -5bt@LNHfoWmW^>4:O{j1&1W>;20$YNB0;sSwb=I Street team downloads:

cmiyc-2023_01_street.yaml.pgp SHA256SUM: da1e6f8c3154d3ee7e434b0deca58088b6d23ef7b337e22f0d2dc77b74da5dbf Passphrase for Street downloads: s|~QLH$?.fMCMtA7Y~,>mtpmbzbXlTK(S1=SB$/E You've gotten a little more information as time went on; see: Be sure you have read what and how to submit your cracks.